Thursday, February 10, 2011

Traveling woman

Almost exactly a year ago I started to knit this shawl.

The yarn is from the Dutch Round Robin, which I participated in once.

The colour immediately brought the recipient to mind, as she dresses in this colour almost always. - Actually, she dresses in black, with either purple or red accessories. I wish I had my dressing down like that sometimes.

The humble beginnings:

The pattern is Traveling woman,
by Liz Abinante.


Sometime in April I made another picture of it, but was not really speeding forward ;-)
I think it was a {This moment} shot.

I loved the pattern, it was very easy to memorize - and to remember - when I picked up the shawl after a long rest. The tiny needles got to me, I could not really see the progress....

Finally I finished the shawl yesterday, and because I will meet the recipient tomorrow, it's blocking now.

Yeah, I will weave in the ends. There are lots and lots actually, it is a handspun yarn, and very poorly so sadly. Never in my live I had so many breaks in one skein.
The things one does for a colour..........


I hope she likes it!


  1. Oh my - beautiful! And it looks HUGE - no wonder it took so long to make!

  2. Worth all the trouble, Alke - it's beautiful!!