Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow in december....


It's been a loooong time.

So much so, that we frequently make our own in these parts. See?

I can't tell you how happy both of these events make me - when they occur ;-)


yes, it takes not much..



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

feeling like a millionaire........

A tip from a coworker that made my weekend!










Thursday, July 23, 2009

Allotment update II

These are my perennials in July. Most of the bounty get's eaten when I'm there.
I've tried blackberry muffins on thursday, but we both didn't really like the butter used in the recipe. If you have a tried and true one - please let me know!

July 21st

There will be more in the weeks to come:
July 21st

And much more... so really - think about leaving a comment with a good recipe please?
July 21st

I simply cannot get enough of those! As soon as they turn dark purple, they're gone!
July 21st

And if they are finished - the next tree is right behind!
July 21st

The sour cherries are now few and far between, but I already have about 3 kilo's of them frozen right now. For fall and winter, when I have time to make jam again.
July 21st

The gooseberries have gone to the wasps this year - I was a few day's late picking them - they will be back next year though....
July 21st

You might think of leaving them as waste - yes, in some way's it is, but I really do enjoy the variety of critters feeding of the garden.
July 21st


Allotment update.

I've spent a lovely afternoon in the allotment on tuesday.
The thing I can grow best are still thistles - to my great chagrijn! And then I've found this:

I was not brave enough yet though....
July 21st

Plenty to choose from at this time of year anyway:

Shallots, given to be by a neighbor and pushed into the ground on may 9th:
July 21st

Pods, those rarely make it home though. I eat them fresh from the bush, cooked they lose much of their appeal to me:
July 21st

I was really late sowing these, they can go into the ground in february, it's even recommended because of lice liking them. I sowed early may, and haven't found a single black spot yet, maybe it's because I LOVE dill!
July 21st

July 21st
I let them bloom - and use the flowerheads and seeds in vinegar based recepies. Because there is plenty they will come back next year. I will not weed them as I love the smell of them if brushing against them.

My "saladbowl":
July 21st

The .... the... what ARE you calling these? It's a kind of pea... .Anyway, they need a few more day's
July 21st

So is the sweet corn.
July 21st

this will be an industrious evening again - as this was only the first load brought to the car:
July 21st

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Have a look into my back yard.


Yes, it's tiny, and another two weeks and I'm gonna have to go out with a machete at hand, just to reach the shed ;-)




Meanwhile I'm eating my way through it!


Friday, July 10, 2009


As with all things in live - you see what you're prepared to see.

open your eyes

not particulary nice?
Look closer:

open your eyes

Still - why is it that I smile about the wonderous surprises life throw's us, every time I step out the back door?

I look even closer:

open your eyes

And since I've decided that this is what I want to think about, focus on, when I step out the door - my world became a better place to live in.

open your eyes

Try it!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Duiveltje is proud....


to announce this:

Made by his new friends:




Jeez, he isn't used to share the center of attention ;-)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little bits of time......

...... in between the usual stuff like work, sleep, laundry.....
I enjoy every minute I can spend tending to my plants. I've started late with everything - like usual about a month. And still I'm able to start harvesting the first little presents right about now.


tuintje 090625

Just a promise now.. but I enjoy them already:
tuintje 090625

My little backyard setup looks like this now:

right side greenhouse:
tuintje 090625

left side greenhouse:
tuintje 090625

between the greenhouse and the house. Only about 1,70 meters wide, very sunny - southside of the house, and protected enough to grow just about anything.

tuintje 090625