Monday, March 21, 2016

Regular scheduled monday, the first!

Let me make that really clear. It wasn't a simple thing, and I really enjoy only the outcome of it ;)

Well, it's not that I didn't have fun these last three days, and I did enjoy the time spent in the garden, but lets promise myself to keep up the pruning work and never let it grow wild again.
(Yep, I heard that before, I know!)

Clear side - moved the chairs with the poles behind
the shed. Finally ;)

walking space!  I will enjoy this years harvesting without
sticks poking me from neighboring plants.


If it was perfect - it wouldn't be my garden :P


Wow! Paprika bed!

fall-raspberries and blackberries


new fencepost and garlic 

Two more fenceposts to place - rootbed Bed 6

I hope I can clean that one in spring 2016 - summer '15, fall '15
and winter '15 wasn't time enough... cough...

All posts placed on the pea bed Bed 2 - only have to place the fence and sow..

My camera disregards wintertime - I wonder why. It was 14.40 when the
truck showed up. O_o 

Four hours of walking back and forth from the allotment to the
parking area. Look at this mountain of twigs and trees and shrubbery!

With a little help from friends and the ever so kind driver, who
placed the container right next to my mountain - DONE!!

Leftover from the first container, the driver just let it fall...

The kind friends who helped "contain" my mountain - Yes, I repaid
the kindness by helping to contain the leftovers....
 but then I just had to go to work!

I wonder if the guy will put his stuff in the container, He tried to dump it
on my mountain - I told him I had enough to worry about and didn't need
additional debree.  

Final view.....

It was a long day at the allotment with very hard work!  I will enjoy the fruits of my labour through the whole summer.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Whole trees going down......

My apricot tree has ripped open over winter. Not sure why, probably due to a late frost after (too) warm weather.

It has no chance of survival - it would only attract pests..... sooo, bye bye...

zwarte bes achter

Honeyberry already blooming - first

Honeyberry the second - already blooming

berry?  Black or red - have to look that up!

Berry indeed - same story

Last picture of the apricot - it's gone now.. We had it for
about 15 years and actually harvested about 10 apricots. If there
were more - as I suspect - they were plucked by passers by...

sour cherry - still to be pruned back.

Cherry before...

Prune after pruning ?!?

Cherry before butchering ;)  Never was really beautiful...

Injuries on the apricot. 

Tree - ugly as all get out, but within regulation!

sideview cherry - this year I'll be able to put curtains
on again. Gotta be smart to keep those delicious cherries
safe from the birds!

Gooseberry (right) and white currant (I think)  are two separate
entities again Never knew that a gooseberry was that invasive!
 I pulled about 20 new plants from the perimeter -
as far as 4 meters away!. One new bush can stay at
 the foot of the prune.

Cherry - grows like wildfire. Finally the low branches
are thick enough. The old growth was above the legal lim it of
2.5 meters. Rules of the allotment are now followed.

remnants of the apricot - See the damage?

Sour cherry - still to be pruned.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clearing out more wood....

Saturday, 19 march 2016
Clearing the jungle ;)

Easy sorting - break of the dead stuff, weave the living...

Hard to take a picture of the trees... 
Hmm.... I didn't even get this far LOL

Black current was running wild.... all new plants - all eradicated.

Half a black currant.

Original plants are excavated - on tomorrow with cutting them back.

Never knew that a gooseberry is a spreading weed!

Goodness gracious me! How will I get all of this transported
to the gates? 
Will have to set the alarm very early to get all of this to the container. And I've got to be quick as well, as I've heard it fills up really fast. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Monday the first, 14 maart 2016

One hour only, I'm still not really recovered from the Influenza yet. So I feel the few hours of outdoor movements yesterday ;-)

Repaired the fence and cleared the outside

other side - outside is clean

Bed 2 - Peas  I didn't have enough poles but luckily
there was already a pile of  refuse outside the complex.
One mans trash is another mans treasure - so I've found
replacement poles and even more fencing for peas.

Bed 3 - ready for the Broad Beans. Maybe I can
sow them even this weekend!

Bed 4 - ready for the koolrabies. I've already
sown a few, but I have to step up my succession
sowing - with the light in the greenhouse now
I've got a fighting chance!

Bed 5 - nothing done yet. Cabbages have been sown,
same goes as for the koolrabies.

Bed 5 Root garden - we'll see.

Harry has sharpened all my hoes - at the beginning
of the season. This must be a good omen!

Sorted the fences - they're almost all in place