Friday, June 26, 2009

Duiveltje is proud....


to announce this:

Made by his new friends:




Jeez, he isn't used to share the center of attention ;-)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Little bits of time......

...... in between the usual stuff like work, sleep, laundry.....
I enjoy every minute I can spend tending to my plants. I've started late with everything - like usual about a month. And still I'm able to start harvesting the first little presents right about now.


tuintje 090625

Just a promise now.. but I enjoy them already:
tuintje 090625

My little backyard setup looks like this now:

right side greenhouse:
tuintje 090625

left side greenhouse:
tuintje 090625

between the greenhouse and the house. Only about 1,70 meters wide, very sunny - southside of the house, and protected enough to grow just about anything.

tuintje 090625

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My hands in the soil

If I get to spend an afternoon all by myself, I'm more than likely get dirty.
Even though I started with washing some buckets and got the water dirty first.



These buckets will house my tomato -, pepper- and cucumberplants through the summer. Our tiny backyard lies to the south, so they are sheltered and enjoying the sun very much. I hope for a good harvest.



Now the greenhouse is quite empty again, giving me room for the next generation. Here is what it looked like before today's "major move".


I have the cottonplants, the jalapeno-peppers and the melons left in pot's, the cucumbers are in the soil - ready to go. Two years ago we've brought one plant with us from Germany, and we kept eating cucumber in all variations known to men, until we had to surrender and gave 4 or 5 of them to the neighbors - per week! This year we'll have the snackbar to use them as well, so I've planted three of them now.

You probably ask yourself why I've brought plants from Germany - I find them the best souvenirs from travels - they grow and give fruit all summer and don't have to be dusted ;-)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One step further...

on our road to become self- sufficient.
We've assembled something....


no - not a room for hubby to play in,


it's a henhouse.
Next saturday we're going to a farm and will find ourselves three medium sized hen's.
A rooster is unfortunately not an option, as we live in a heavily populated area. Our neighbors would not appreciate beeing called out of bed every morning at sunrise.

But we will enjoy fresh eggs from our own chickens, probably way more than we can eat.
But that's what you've got neighbors for in the first place, isn't it, to share the bounty with.