Monday, March 21, 2016

Regular scheduled monday, the first!

Let me make that really clear. It wasn't a simple thing, and I really enjoy only the outcome of it ;)

Well, it's not that I didn't have fun these last three days, and I did enjoy the time spent in the garden, but lets promise myself to keep up the pruning work and never let it grow wild again.
(Yep, I heard that before, I know!)

Clear side - moved the chairs with the poles behind
the shed. Finally ;)

walking space!  I will enjoy this years harvesting without
sticks poking me from neighboring plants.


If it was perfect - it wouldn't be my garden :P


Wow! Paprika bed!

fall-raspberries and blackberries


new fencepost and garlic 

Two more fenceposts to place - rootbed Bed 6

I hope I can clean that one in spring 2016 - summer '15, fall '15
and winter '15 wasn't time enough... cough...

All posts placed on the pea bed Bed 2 - only have to place the fence and sow..

My camera disregards wintertime - I wonder why. It was 14.40 when the
truck showed up. O_o 

Four hours of walking back and forth from the allotment to the
parking area. Look at this mountain of twigs and trees and shrubbery!

With a little help from friends and the ever so kind driver, who
placed the container right next to my mountain - DONE!!

Leftover from the first container, the driver just let it fall...

The kind friends who helped "contain" my mountain - Yes, I repaid
the kindness by helping to contain the leftovers....
 but then I just had to go to work!

I wonder if the guy will put his stuff in the container, He tried to dump it
on my mountain - I told him I had enough to worry about and didn't need
additional debree.  

Final view.....

It was a long day at the allotment with very hard work!  I will enjoy the fruits of my labour through the whole summer.