Saturday, February 5, 2011

First steps with the CSM "Sue"

As I've told you before, I fulfilled myself a longstanding wish. I bought a Circular Knitting Machine from the last century - or is it the century before the last ?!?

It's a Legare - send to me from Sweden - by a lovely raveler, Caprifool..

With the machine came a boatload of wool - all of which has to wait to be documented. The most used was the email he sent me to get me started.


How to assemble the machine, and a handful of very useful youtube video's and pointers. I'm gonna share them here when I get to them.

First up, how to make a setup - bonnet.

This is the result:

He gave me instructions how to make heel- forks - to weigh the work down when making shortrows.
Here they are:


Three forks from the second- hand- shop, 25 cents.
An old napkin I kept for the colours, which I love - repurpose.
A bag of dried peas from the kitchen, approx 50 cents
A length of lint to make the bows.....
and the third weight houses some old rings, it's heavier than the two with peas, and is used in the middle.

Today I had a few hours to practice heels.
The fifth was the first I've managed without dropping a stitch, the sixth had me lose one, which I noticed right away. So I'm really happy with the improvement.


The video that Caprifool sent me, I've watches at least 120 times by now ;-)
No-wrap heel on the CSM.

Go have a look!
Another video, which I will see hundreds of times in the following months is this one:
Kitchener stitch to close the toe.

So, lots of entertaining things to keep me busy, thanks so much Caprifool!


  1. Congrats on your new CSM! Today it's one, but before long you may have several ;)

  2. Oh boy!
    I was warned already... I think they are a bit costly to collect...

  3. I said the same and now have 5! I had as many as 10 in the past... They multiply on their own ;)