Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Monday the first, 14 maart 2016

One hour only, I'm still not really recovered from the Influenza yet. So I feel the few hours of outdoor movements yesterday ;-)

Repaired the fence and cleared the outside

other side - outside is clean

Bed 2 - Peas  I didn't have enough poles but luckily
there was already a pile of  refuse outside the complex.
One mans trash is another mans treasure - so I've found
replacement poles and even more fencing for peas.

Bed 3 - ready for the Broad Beans. Maybe I can
sow them even this weekend!

Bed 4 - ready for the koolrabies. I've already
sown a few, but I have to step up my succession
sowing - with the light in the greenhouse now
I've got a fighting chance!

Bed 5 - nothing done yet. Cabbages have been sown,
same goes as for the koolrabies.

Bed 5 Root garden - we'll see.

Harry has sharpened all my hoes - at the beginning
of the season. This must be a good omen!

Sorted the fences - they're almost all in place

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