Monday, March 14, 2016

First day in the allotment in 2016

2016 - new start. First day in the allotment. Let's try this blogging thing again ;-)

Appearantly importing pictures has become much easier in the time I was gone - good!  I like to document all steps taken in a day in the allotment, primarily to prove to the controllers, that I did my time to keep the allotment clean.

Bono on his way to the allotment - he's not allowed to walk on the complex. - So he won't!
For me it's gonna be sort of a vacation diary - I love every minute spent there.

Terras - no dandylions yet
Behind the shed - no assigned bed yet.
Sun terrace
Last bed rand garden - three sisters and the garlic going strong.
Raspberry bed
Blackberry and Fall- raspberry
Bed 6 - Root garden 
Bed 5 Cabbage Garden
Bed 4 Koolrabies
Bed 3 Broad Bean
Bed 2 Pea Garden
Bed 1 Beans
Fruit Garden - Tayberry - the deadly shrub ;)
Fruit gaden

a few hours later. The Pea bed has the first seven stakes. The fence is repaired. A lot of overwintering plantparts are cleared up.

The tayberry is tamed. This unbelievably prickly bush is a pest to sort out - once a year I find quite enough. Even last years sticks, left by accident, are dangerous. Glad this is done.

there is a visible path again! Yeah me!

If all is well with me I will spend a few more hours in the allotment tomorrow. Well, today actually, after sleeping.

Friday and saturday there is gonna be a container on the parkingspace, to clear out debree. We'll see how far I get with the trees...

Oh, I almost forgot! I've installed light in the greenhouse, giving me the chance to putter around in there after work!

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