Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eventful week

This was a very eventful week - no wonder I did not have time to blog about it ;-)

Tuesday started like this:

then this happened:

At the end of the day:


A few hours later I got an amazing gift:


Wednesday's stage was set...

the amazing art of staging a sandwich...


But she is the real star of the day:


Thursday Max came to us for a vacation - he followed a few hours German class as well ;-)


Friday an attempt to help out a few neighbors, In the morning to support a sick neighbor, and in the afternoon the last primer goes on the wall of the room where Poo the bear was exterminated.

Saturday was compost day:

I'm so fortunate to have friends that love boytoys. It saves you a whole day of backbreaking labour.

Not that there was NO labour left, but it was half the effort of last year, and double the result.


And just to keep the record complete, I've hauled a fridge for the snackbar on friday as well ;-)

Now my back and my arms and legs need a rest.......... sunday, first day of summertime.

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