Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crocheting Cecilia

A while ago Rachel and I decided to start a CAL. We both wanted to make Cecilia, a Julia Vaconsin pattern.

While all the terrible developments in Japan had us pretty much glued to the TV, I made considerable progress.

I started on feb 23rd.

I make size 40, these are the two front parts.


Because I want to change ge front to a V-shaped nek, I'm making both fronts simultaniously. My ability to remember is rather weak, and I'm not good at taking notes to offset that.


By now, I'm almost starting the armwhole shapings.


Rachel sadly had to stop for a while, as she has overstrained her hands. Between the start of the gardening season, the starting of seeds in the greenhouse and inside - my involvement in Folia, to record my garden activities and get some planning done, luckily I'm busy in very deverse movements. So the risk of RSI is somewhat smaller for me.

So I crochet for a while, then fold pots again, then check my laptop, then crochet again.

Still, it's growing!


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