Monday, January 3, 2011

Langsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen......

Which means so much as - all things take their time.
(the squirrel feeds very slowly)

With the help of my Harry we've drilled the holes for the ceiling lights last night - and put up a few plasterboards. It was sunday, so working after 11pm is not really an option.

Today I'm working with plasterboard again, this is the lunchtime - status:

Utility room:



Craft room:



Seeing that I'm not really built to do hard labour for a long time, I have to take care that I switch tasks very regulary.
I will now make a start with the filling of the screw - holes and the spaces between the boards.
I have already removed two misfired nails this morning - they were getting in the way now that we're "finishing" the room.



appearantly I not only shortened them, but made them blurry as well ;-)

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  1. It's taking great shape - you're doing a wonderful job. And look at all that SPACE!!