Thursday, December 30, 2010

Electricity done

After two intense day's, I'm done with the new and the old electricity in the attic.
Chainsaws and powerlines just don't mix well.

We now have:

The hotel circuit restored, which allows the light in the first attic to be switched in the attic as well as on the first floor. (Phew - this was my biggest fear - not beeing able to restore this)

Integrated lights in the ceiling of the dormer - in both rooms, independently wired.

Three new outlets in the craftroom.
Two "old" outlets in the craftroom restored.

The door between rooms was moved - because the old one was an arched doorway. With the dormer this just does not look right anymore.

Light-switches of both rooms have been moved because of this.

In the utility room I have changed the outlets for the washing machines to be on a different circuit. Number three was just getting too big now. Both machines run now on circuit 1 which was brought up from the bathroom on the first floor.

Two other outlets in the utility room have been restored, and a new one has been installed by the doorway - think ironing board ;-)

Both rooms have functioning ceiling lights now, the second room suffered from an error for the last years - I installed it myself several years ago, and erred with the hotel circuit which was intended then. Oh well, we were using a standing light without even thinking twice about it.

And by the way - the hall light for the first floor? It too has been restored to fully functioning hotel circuit.

I'm really tired, but satisfied with my work!

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