Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A walk through the garden

Yesterday was the last allotment check I needed to clear without getting a citation. I did it!
Probation is over, I'm once again a "normal" member of the allotment society.

Due to the heavy rains in august the garden is almost overgrown now.

Butternut sqash and courgette taking over the rest:


The thornless blackberry keeps producing! I see lots of muffins in my winter!

The galia and watermelons didn't do very well - but we did harvest peppers!


Bed 6 is cleared and was dug over yesterday. It was to dry first for the Kohlrabi - they all split.


We keep harvesting broccoli and dill.......


Brussels sprouts and cole.


Beetroots are preserved already, and we have eaten the broad beans - very few this year.


Next year I'm gonna leave the trallis for the legumes to be taken over by the cucumbers. The plants on the ground got sick again.


I have canned green and waxbeans already, but I'm expecting a second harvest from those plants. It's a VERY good bean year.
The horseradish is back as expected, I'll try to use it this year ;-)


the second plum tree is producing nicely this year, that's a first!

The cherries are cut down to regulation:

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