Friday, February 17, 2012

Companionplanting and crop rotation in practice part 2

I think this is what it's gonna be. It's gonna be 6 years until a particular crop is planted in the same bed again, and I have the yearly switch between a heavy eater and a light eater.

Bed 1Bean 21Cabbage 12Bean 21Root 11Broad Bean 23Koolrabi 13
Bed 2Pea 22Root 11Broad Bean 23Koolrabi 13Pea 22Cabbage 12
Bed 3Braod Bean 23Koolrabi 13Pea 22Cabbage 12Bean 21Root 11
Bed 4Cabbage 12Broad Bean 23Koolrabi 13Pea 22Cabbage 12Bean 21
Bed 5    Root 11Pea 22Cabbage 12Bean 21Root 11Broad Bean 23
Bed 6Koolrabi 13Bean 21Root 11Broad Bean 23Koolrabi 13Pea 22

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