Friday, April 29, 2011

A beautiful Easter weekend

This Easter we went to the west of our little country to see our Grandson and his parents.
He's growing like nobodys business, having outgrown the jacket I'm making for him already !?!
I will have to get creative, because the size chosen - 12 to 18 months - is what he's wearing right now!


Easter monday we've crossed the border to Germany, finding two fleamarkets to peruse.
I've found three amazing pieces - the hunt was all worth it!

A lovely kitchen clock, mounted on a ceramic tile € 5.

My new favourite watch, a swiss made little treasure, which still operates on winding € 5 as well.


and a broche, I liked the minute I layed eyes on it - to hold together my shawls - € 2,50.


Yay for fleamarkets, amazing finds, and our happy and healthy grandson!

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