Thursday, March 25, 2010

Morning ritual

It's no secret, I'm not a morning person. I need coffee and at least two hours of peace and quiet in the house to get into gears.

So there is no way I can organize bread- making this early. What I CAN do, is this:

Every sunday (or so, when needed), I make a big bowl of artisan dough.

13 - 3 - 3 - 6

13 cups of flour
3 tablespoons of dry yeast
2 tablespoons salt
6 cups of lukewarm water

When I start my waking - up - process, I take the bowl out of the fridge, and fetch my flour pot.


then I use the handiest thing I bought in years - the silicon dough cutter - to take out approx 400 gr dough.


fold it under a few times, it's cold at this time.
Drop it into the breadmaker. Set to baking cycle (it stay's there most of the time), which takes an hour. Set timer to 1.40 hours or 1.50 hours, even 1.20 hours if I'm in a hurry.

It will rise in 20, 40 and/or 50 minutes and then the baking starts.


By the time I can see out of my eyes, the breadmaker beeps, and the bread for tomorrow's brown paper bag is finished!


I use different combinations of flour, my favorites now are:
8 cups whole grain wheat, 5 cups white wheat
3 cups rye flour, 5 cups whole grain, 5 cups white wheat
5 cups whole grain flour mix, 8 cups white wheat.

I even dropped sunflower seeds or so additionally into the dough. It's always delicious! try it, it's easy!


  1. I think I might need a bread maker, or I could do it without, yes? Looks wonderful!

  2. Without a bread maker, you should have the wits to set it in the preheated oven after 20 - 40 or 50 minutes. If you're awake this far, no problem ;-)